Gel Nail Enhancement Kit

Product Code: 345002

7 MNP professional products for enhancements and refills.

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Nail Modelling Starter Kit includes:
- Buffer, sanding block 120/120.
- Nail Prep, dehydrator. 14 ml - 0,47 fl.oz.
- Ultrabond, non-acid primer. 14 ml - 0,47 fl.oz.
- Universal Base Gel, bonding gel. 14 ml - 0,47 fl.oz.
- Builder Mono Gel Clear, one-phase builder gel. 7 g - Net Wt. 0,24 oz.
- Top Sealer Brush On, glossy finish gel. 14 ml - 0,47 fl.oz.
- UV Gel Cleanser, degreasing solution. 125 ml - 4,22 fl.oz.



Use the sanding block to slightly buff the natural nail. Apply: 1. Nail Prep; 2. Ultrabond; 3. Universal Base Gel; 4. A small amount of Builder Mono Gel Clear near the C-curve at the centre of the nail; 5. Place a thin layer of gel towards the cuticles and spread the product to the tip; 6. Cure in LED/UV lamp for 1/2 minutes at each step; 7. Apply a thin layer of Builder Mono Gel Clear and cure; 8. Remove the tacky layer with Uv Gel Cleanser; 9. Model the nails with the file; 10. After applying the chosen colour, complete the enhancement with Top Sealer top coat and cure.

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