Turnkey trainings

With MNP and ME by Mesauda courses you will learn advanced and daily used techniques, which can be applied immediately and frequently.

All courses include technical explanations, demonstrations and hands-on learning. You will get all the training you need to perform your daily nail services in a quick and effective way.  

In addition, the MNP courses will provide you with structured technical insights on all products, enabling you to master your own work.  

What you will learn:
- Daily used advanced techniques
- The skills needed to get started right away
- The potential of MNP and ME by Mesauda products 
- With MNP you will discover the details of the technical process related to the nail world.

Mesauda Nail Pro launches 5 courses for gel polish application (ME, Top Notch and MNP) and nail enhancement(XLINK e Genie in a Bottle). 

If you want to organize a training at your shop, send an email to for more information.