Fiberglass overlay coloured base

Product Code: 387FIB

A fiberglass overlay base: this product is an eclectic tool for all nail technicians. Fiber base goes on smoothly and its formula provides strength and adds grip for a long lasting manicure. Available in 6 stunning sheer colours.

CONTENT: 14 ml - 0,47 fl.oz.
FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Carefully read warnings and instructions.


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Fiber base has two suggested uses:

  • Strengthening base for gel polish, gel and acrygel nail enhancement systems, suitable for fragile and extra flexible nails, and for adding thickness to the natural nails.
  • Soak off Gel, ideal to create overlays on the natural nails and to help them to grow longer.

It cures in either UV lamp in 2 minutes or LED lamp in 1 minute. Soak off removal time is about 15 minutes (depending on application thickness).




Use a sanding block to slightly buff the natural nail. Apply: 1. Nail Prep; 2. Ultrabond letting them both air dry for about 30 seconds; 3. A layer of Fiber Base and cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes or LED for 1 minute; 4.If used as a soak off gel, seal with Base & Top, cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes or LED for 1 minute and remove the dispersion layer with a pad soaked in UV Gel Cleanser; 5. If used as a base, proceed with the steps required by the chosen treatment.