Hybrid System Acrylic-gel for Nails

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Acrygel is a revolutionary all-in-one system, which combines the flexibility and practicality of the gel with the resistance and adhesion strenght of the acrylic, particularly indicated in cases of difficult nails and onychophagia. It is easy to model, odorless and processing times are reduced, because it is applicable on all nails of the hand without dripping or causing a burning sensation during the polymerization. With Acrygel it is possible to create very thin, extremely light and natural reconstructions, obtaining a perfect result, resistant and long lasting. Moreover, during the filing phase, it creates a "heavy" powder that tends to fall downwards, leaving the working environment clean and healthy. It is packed  in a practical tube that facilitates the dosage of the product and avoids contamination by external agents. Its formula is complete, it is not necessary to mix it with monomers because it is ready to use. It does not make filaments during application, it perfectly maintains stapling and is easy to file. 


Available in 4 colors.

Capacity: 60g – 2 oz.




HOW TO USE: Use a white block to buff the natural nail. Remove excess powder. Apply Nail Prep as instructed. Apply Ultrabond as instructed. With the appropriate spatula, take the right amount of Acrygel from the tube. Roll product onto the nail. Using a brush ((407002 or 407003) with a small amount of UV Gel Cleanser, pat product into place. Cure in 36 WATT UV lamp for 2 minutes or 1 minute in 36 Watt LED lamp. If using a lower wattage source, cure for an additional 1-2 minutes. Remove excess powder, file and shape nails with a 180 grit file and smooth with the 180 grit buffer. Cleanse with UV Gel Cleanser and wipe it off lint-free nail wipe. Apply the top coat (Xpress Shine or Quick’n Shine) and cure in the lamp as instructed. Remove the tacky layer as necessary. WARNINGS: for professional use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid skin contact. Irritating to skin and eyes. May cause skin sensitization. In case of contact with eyes: rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed: do not induce vomiting but seek medical advice immediately and show the packaged product. Read instructions for use carefully.